Tattoo Removal St. John's NL

Tattoo Removal

Our state of the art Nd:YAG  1064/532nm Q-switch laser emits highly concentrated pulses of light energy that is absorbed by the ink.  These fast pulses of energy has a shockwave effect which causes the ink to shatter, breaking it apart into smaller particles so it can be easily flushed away naturally through the bodies lymphatic system causing the tattoo to fade and disappear over time.

We remove all colours of ink – darker colours such as black, blue and green as well as brighter colours such as red, orange and yellow.

The number of sessions varies depending upon the colour, size, and age of the tattoo as well as the health of the immune system.  The cost to remove a tattoo varies according to the size of the tattoo.

Call 709-757-3312 for your FREE consultation

Call 709-757-3312 for your FREE consultation